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Adults : 1,500-B               Children :1,000-B  6-14                                                                         Children under 6 Free !

Prices are all included.

Pick up 8:00-8:30, Back 16:30


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Monkey Island

Upper Sundeck SP1


Siam Pearl Cruises

  Siam Pearl Cruises Hua Hin welcomes you to our website and aboard our wonderful hardwood ship the   Siam Pearl 1 sail with us in the gulf of Thailand to the most beautiful places around

Round trip Hotel/Marina ,Coffee,Tea,Water, lunch, fishing gear and bait  Are Included.

 The Pink Irrawaddy

Take a look into the album and book your trip with us, we guarantee Your Perfect Day ! 
Siam Pearl 1 sails daily to the Sam Roi Yod Natural Marine Park, Dolphin Bay with the pink Irrawaddy dolphins, monkey island, the beautiful scenery of the Sam Roi Yod mountains and islands'  300-B park entrance fee is included in the cruise price.
Don't miss out the chance to visit this unique unspoiled area.

Actual weather and forecast

Forecast from 06/07 - 12/07    

Significant wave height : 0.25m - 0.5m, flat see

30% precipitations, partly covered 

Great sailing weather with the Siam Pearl


Siam Pearl is a 27m by 7m ship and can take strong winds and waves up to 2.5m easy


Be aware, only the Siam Pearl Captain has a grade 1 license in Hua Hin (more than 12 passengers) with lower grades the passenger insurance (if any) is not valid when more than 12 passengers ! ( see licenses & insurances tab )



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